16 March 2013

Project Overview 2. Front Garden in Notting Hill

The second garden on this series is a rather small front garden in the Notting Hill area which we finished in May last year. A very simple but effective design which included sawn york stone paving, an iroko storage area and buxus and taxus hedges. 

Note: All images and copyright belong to Siddeley Landscape Designs Ltd.


  1. How lofty the allium look, towering so cheekily above the lavender plants. A gorgeous effect - so simple yet so striking. Nice to see clever design in a tiny space.

  2. Absolutely amazing! I too have a less space for gardening !! This idea is amazing!! thank you for the inspiration!!

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  4. Hello! Please tell me what kind of plant it is? Can I find these seeds here on the site https://dutch-bulbs.com/seeds/? thanks


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